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Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

For me, this book was kind of "meh". It certainly wasn't bad, far from it. But it also wasn't so great that it stood out from any other books I've read.

Hillary is the female lead in the book. She was sweet but I didn't really connect with her and I didn't really think she was all that interesting. She was dating a guy who turned out to be a bit of a criminal and he's kind of one in a series of men that are essentially, Mr. Wrong. I've read a few books with female leads like Hillary - they've gotten burned by a man or by a few men and have decided to swear off dating for a while. I totally get this reaction and don't think anything less of any character who feels this way. But for someone who is choosing to not trust people any more, she sure falls for the hero pretty easily. As they're chatting on a plane ride when she's on her way to ID one of her ex-boyfriend's associates, she finds herself attracted to this man and having a good time speaking with him. From then on, it felt like being in stop-and-go traffic because she'd be attracted to him and want to kiss him and to be with him but then she would put the brakes on and go back to wanting to not trust anyone, him in particular. It sort of got old and a little bit tiring after a while.

Troy was a little more interesting. When he was young, he was placed in a military boarding school after he was caught hacking into DOD files and sending those files to the press. He's made himself into an upstanding citizen, and a filthy rich one to boot! He still feels guilt over what he did as a teenager, so when he's called upon, he provides his computer skills to the government. He essentially has no peers when it comes to computer and hacking skills, that's how awesome he is. Troy meets Hillary on the plane en route to his next case, which he happens to be working with Hillary. She just doesn't know it yet! I liked Troy. I thought he was quirky and cool. He has a unique dressing style, with his little signature fedoras, which I thought was kind of neat but kind of adorable. I could tell that Troy had this gooey, nerdy center underneath all of his hot, sexy, rich man exterior. It definitely sounded like he has a really great history and had lots of adventures while helping out the government. I wish we could have had more time with him and heard more stories from his past!

Troy and Hillary are pretty hot together. Their Sexy Time is pretty intense! I don't know if they're well matched but they sure are sexually compatible!

I don't know if I would recommend this book or not. I didn't enjoy it but I fully admit that maybe this is just not my kind of book. I can't really explain WHY I didn't connect with Hillary or why I wasn't interested in Hillary and Troy's relationship. I just know that I was a little bored at times while reading this and was happy to finish it up.