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Review posted on Kindles & Wine

Back before I discovered romance, I pretty much only read horror and suspense novels. So when Kindle Gal reminded me about Thriller Week, I knew exactly the kind of book I wanted to read! After looking through a ton of titles, I decided on this one because it sounded so crazy. From France to America, a happily married couple, and paranormal goings-on? Count me in! Read on to find out what went down in WISHBONE, my selection for Kindles & Wine’s second annual Thriller Week.

This book took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I know, I know, that’s such a cliché saying but it’s really true! The beginning, where the author introduces everyone and tells the reader about the home invasion that Rachael survives, is great, as is the pacing. I felt like something bad was about to happen, and when it didn’t, it just ramped up the suspense. I’m so mad at the author because I chewed off ALL of my fingernails. I’m not kidding!

At first, I loved the main characters. I really felt for Rachael after her ordeal. I can’t imagine surviving what she did. Julien was a great husband to Rachael. The way he devotes himself to caring for her after the trauma was wonderful. Something that really stuck with me and made me enjoy the book even more was Julien’s accent. He’s originally from France but has never really lost his heavy French accent. Now, if you asked me to, I would never be able to do a French accent (I’m just really bad at them – every accent I try to do sounds Scottish or Irish!). But the author writes Julien and the way he talks so that you can actually “hear” his accent and inflections. It helped me get into the story and also helped me warm up to Julien right away.

Unfortunately, around the halfway point of the book, I thought the whole story lost its momentum and just plodded along. Julien is injured, and although I can’t quite explain it without giving too much away, it feels really repetitive – like he’s experiencing the injury over and over again or something. Then I was confused as to what was happening in several sections. I wasn’t sure if Julien and/or Rachael were hallucinating or seeing ghosts or what.

But what I think contributed most to my disappointment in this book was Rachael. She turns into a paranoid, obsessed lunatic, and my dislike of this turn in her character never faded enough for me to get back to liking her. I almost didn’t finish the book because I was so disgusted by her. In fact, several “bad guy” types never really got their comeuppance. So I was left with a general feeling of anger and disappointment as I finished the book.

Overall, WISHBONE was intense! It was scary, but at times, it was also flat and disappointing. It’s definitely in the paranormal genre with all of the ghosts (or are they ghosts?), strange noises, weird occurrences, and of course, a creepy child! LOL! Although I was dreading the inevitable ending, the author kind of copped out and wrote a sweet, safe ending. I don’t know whether I liked the safe, sweet ending or not and I think that’s a good way to describe my feelings about this book: I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It had scary, creepy, intense parts, but it also had boring, repetitive parts.

Bottom Line 

If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat paranormal tales, you should tryWISHBONE. This may seem like a horror book, but it’s not gross or gruesome. It may, however, have you up late at night!

Rating: C