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Burn - Maya Banks

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

You know, I've not read a lot of Maya Banks. I have a few of her books on my TBR and became interested in her when I first started reading erotic romance. I'm finally catching up on some of her books and this Breathless series was pretty much where I started!

The Breathless series revolves around three men who aren't brother by blood but are brothers in bond. They'll do anything for each other and they've been through a lot with each other. Since Burn is Book 3 in this series, all three men are pretty familiar at this point. Gabe, Jace and Ash are rich, ridiculously handsome and not so into commitment, until now!

Burn focuses on Ash, who is, I think, the most intense one of the group of guys. Ash comes off as laid back and easy going but underneath that exterior, he's this intense guy. I liked Ash. I mean, he's rich and handsome, so of COURSE I like him! I kind of liked his intensity too. But when I say he's intense, I mean he's INTENSE. Like, he sees this woman, Josie, across the park, meets her and he's immediately obsessed. I kind of felt like he went too far, too fast. In order to find out more about her, he had her followed, had background checks done on her, he purchased all of her paintings, purchased the jewelry she had pawned. I mean, while I was reading it, I thought it was kind of sweet, in a domineering way. Which makes total sense, since he's a Dom... as in Dominant. He also has a dark side. When something awful in Josie's past comes back to haunt her, Ash goes REAL dark. It was really surprising and it changed the way I looked at him...and not in a good way. In most romance novels, the male character is usually... always a good man. But after I saw how dark Ash could get, I wasn't so sure that he was a good man, no matter how well he treated Josie.

Speaking of Josie, let's speak about Josie! LOL! I liked Josie well enough. She wasn't an amazing, stand-out character or anything. She was just a nice, normal woman. She's a submissive but was with a man who wasn't completely into the life. It was more like he play-acted in the scene but he wasn't really into it. When Josie realized what she could have with Ash, as in, really living the Dom/sub lifestyle, she couldn't resist. She breaks it off with the man she was seeing, which didn't seem like a big deal since he never really seemed all that into her anyways. She jumps into this relationship with Ash and she's just swept away. She's an artist so she doesn't have a job to go to. Ash makes a lot of demands on her and she's fine with it, into it actually. I didn't love it. I mean, he wants her waiting and naked when he gets home every day. He wants her to call him if she goes anywhere. Actually, he doesn't want her leaving his place at all. I know that can seem kind of sweet in a Dom kind of way. But it also seemed a bit too controlling and creepy. I felt a little bad for Josie sometimes but I realized that I was being judgmental. She was happy and content in the relationship she had with Ash. She was a bit of a punching bag but it was great to see her opening up and being fulfilled.

Wow, the Sexy Time between Ash and Josie was off the charts! There was a little bit of BDSM thrown in: a bit of tying up and more than just straight sex. It was pretty plentiful and my goodness it was seriously hot. I thought they had pretty great chemistry. I really loved the scenes with Josie during the girls' night out, especially after the night was over and she went home to Ash!

This was a pretty good read. Ash is seriously hot and Josie is like a breath of fresh air, compared to Ash's intensity. There's a bit more violence in this one and it brings out Ash's bad side but also his intensely protective and somehow sweet side. I think anyone who likes intense alpha males is going to really enjoy this book!