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Crystal Cove  - Lisa Kleypas

Another great read by Lisa Kleypas...

Lisa Kleypas should be considered a master of romance. She writes wonderful dialog with complex characters and the plot is rarely boring. Crystal Cove is another solid entry in Lisa Kleypas' book list that adds a little bit of the supernatural element as well.

Justine is the heroine and she's a real live witch. She can cast some simple spells and has her very own grimoire (spell book). I really liked Justine... I liked her back when I was reading Book 3 in the Friday Harbor series, Dream Lake. She has a lot of spunk and doesn't let anyone push her around. But she never feels pushy or mean or bitchy in any way. She's really great to her customers at the Bed & Breakfast that she owns and runs, which obviously makes sense, but she's also really great to her cousin Zoe. Now, there wasn't much of Zoe in this book but its okay since Justine kind of steals the show.

Jason is a mega-rich game developer and he's on a sort of working vacation with other employees of his company at Justine's Bed & Breakfast. He gets everything he wants, when he wants it. But he's intrigued by Justine. The great thing is that Jason admits that he's intrigued by her because she doesn't bend to his will. When he tells her to join him for a drink, she looks at him like he's lost his mind and tells him that she prefers to be asked. No one says that to him, ever! So I liked that Jason can admit that his whims are usually acted upon and that when someone doesn't do it, he kinda likes it!

I really liked Justine and Jason together. Jason has this intensity that is impressive. I mean, when he starts falling for Justine, wow, he doesn't mess around! It was awesome to read his intensity though and it kind of makes you want to be the subject of something like that, even if only for a little while. When Jason makes a serious error in judgement concerning Justine, I though that Justine forgave him a little too quickly... but then I didn't mind so much since Jason was kind of irresistible! LOL!

I was really worried at how this one would end but I shouldn't have worried at all. This author knows how to craft a perfect HEA and she doesn't let the reader down in this book at all. Some may argue that the ending is far-fetched or unrealistic or maybe even say that they saw it coming. Possibly. But I didn't see it coming and I loved it. I only wish that I could have spent more time with these characters!