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Dream Lake (Friday Harbor) - Lisa Kleypas

Come on people, do I really have to review this? I mean, it Lisa freaking Kleypas so ummm, its awesome! But if you insist... ;)

So this is Book 3 in the Friday Harbor series. I read Book 1 way back in the day for Kindles & Wine. I didn't read Book #2 yet and I don't think it really mattered. The couple from Books 1 and 2 may have been mentioned in passing but I think we've all experienced this and it's really not a big deal.

Zoe is the heroine and I really liked her. She's beautiful and kind so in the real world, you might hate her. But here, she's just a totally awesome person. To make her even better... she's an amazing cook. She can cook AND bake and everything she makes is amazing. She's just about perfect but she feels like she has no luck with men. Sure, that may be because she doesn't quite trust them but that shouldn't stop her, right? LOL! But seriously, she tries to see the good in everyone and in every situation and somehow, she's not irritating! I was really rooting for her! Then, her grandmother was diagnosed with a condition similar to Alzheimer's and Zoe is the only one who can take care of her. Zoe is, of course, worried for her grandmother but is happy to spend time with her and to take care of her. In order for her to take of her grandmother though, her rental house has to be fixed up appropriately and there's only one guy who's comes highly rated AND cheap but he has a bit of a reputation...

Alex is the man in question and holy crap, I loved him. He's really great at his job but he had a shitty childhood that has really, really carried over into his adulthood. Since he's all closed off emotionally, he really has no outlet; he has no one to talk his issues out with. Since all of that anger, angst, anguish, has to go somewhere and unfortunately, Alex chooses to channel it into bottles of booze. I love how Alex struggles with everything and how he knows that there's something wrong with him. It's like he doesn't know what to do and he's reached a point where he really doesn't care anymore. So it was obvious that he needed SOMETHING to shake him up or smack him around or anything to get him out of this life long rut! Is that where Zoe comes in? Not quite yet...

Because Alex is so messed up, he find himself with a new constant companion: a ghost. The ghost doesn't know who he is or why he's there but he knows it HAS to be for a reason and he's attached to Alex for a reason.

This story was really great. Zoe is such a wonderful, caring person and she has so much... I don't know! So much caring? So much love? Whatever it is, she has so much of it in her heart that she has enough left over to care for a man who doesn't want to be cared about by anyone. I can't explain any more clearly why I liked her so much; I just did. Alex is such a mean bastard but I couldn't hate him. I didn't pity him, really. I just wanted to see him get better. The little mystery of where the ghost fits in is quickly figured out and not very surprising but it makes for a few laughs and I ended up enjoying that portion of the story more than I thought I would.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Yes, I am a big fan of Lisa Kleypas so it possible that I'm a bit biased. But if you haven't read Lisa Kleypas yet, you're only screwing yourself out of some AMAZING books, I promise. Wonderful characters that are easy to connect to, awesome back drops and scenery that make you feel like you're there with the characters and really hot (although not plentiful) Sexy Time, make this a book that I would read again and again!