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Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor) - Lisa Kleypas

This was a decent book. Certainly not Lisa Kleypas' best but a solid entry in her lexicon.

I didn't connect with the characters as much as I usually do. I thought the female character, Lucy, was pretty decent. She doesn't have a great relationship with her sister because of a troubled childhood. Her sister was spoiled and indulged after an illness and has remained that way into adulthood. After her sister steals Lucy's boyfriend, they aren't really on speaking terms for a while. My problem is that eventually, they ARE back on speaking terms. It really made me pretty angry that Lucy forgave her sister. I mean, her sister pretty much made Lucy's childhood miserable and I know that they were both just kids but her sister is still just as spoiled and nasty as she was when she was a kid. And now, she's really hurt Lucy. I just don't think Lucy's sister was ever really sorry enough for Lucy's forgiveness and it just tainted the entire book for me.

Sam, the hero, wasn't much better either. He's a confirmed bachelor, bordering on being a womanizer. I mean, he's up front with all of the women he "spends time with" so they know going in that there isn't much of a future with Sam. But it feels like that's kind of all that Sam is... just a guy who refuses to get into a serious relationship with a woman. Well, other than with his deceased sister's daughter, Holly, who is around 6 or 7 years old (I love the scenes with Sam and Holly! Holly is such a cute character and makes any scene she's in a lot of fun). 

In a way, it felt like some of the book was just repetitive. I mean, Sam and Lucy trying to be friends but being attracted to each other and trying to fight it but then not fighting it. I didn't really connect with Sam or Lucy enough to feel like the ending really mattered. In fact, to me, the end didn't even feel like it was the end, or that it was permanent.

But this wasn't all bad. It was a great romance but I think maybe it should be read before books 3 and 4 in the Friday Harbor series. Since I actually DID read Books 3 & 4 first, its entirely possible that it kind of messed up this book for me. I suppose I would recommend this book since its just as good as other books in this series. I just wouldn't say that this is LK's best series.