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Blood Flows Deep in the Empire - N. Isabelle Blanco

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

In case it matters, I first read this book months ago and never wrote a review of it. I couldn't remember enough detail to write a review for it so I decided to read it again. Holy crap, I am SO glad I did. I loved this book and I cannot wait until the next one in this series comes out!

This book has everything you could want: gods (oh yeah), normal human women, life threatening circumstances and oh, the end of the world... What more could you ask for??? The gods are exactly what you want them to be. They're all very powerful, as in they have powers but they're also stacked! They try to do the right thing but they screw up and make mistakes, which just makes them even more attractive. The human women may be human but they shouldn't be taken lightly. They're pretty tough in their own right. Best of all... the insanely hot Sexy Time! Oh my gosh, you won't believe it. You absolutely MUST give this book a shot... there's no way that this book will disappoint you!

Ismini is the heroine and yes, she is a heroine in the truest sense of the word. Ismini knows that her destiny is to be sacrificed. She's had dreams since she was young of a woman who told her about her destiny and tried to prepare her for things that would happen. I can't imagine knowing that you're going to grow up and be sacrificed. How could you go on? I mean, I guess if you learn about it when you're a child, you can become accustomed to the idea but still! The woman in Ismini's dreams says that she'll be sacrificed so that this god's true love can be brought back to the land of the living. I don't know if that makes it better or worse! I mean, to be sacrificed so that a god can have his true love back? Sure it's kind of awesome to be a part of that but uhh, to have to die? Meh, that kind of sucks. But Ismini grows up knowing this and she still lives her life like a normal person! She has a job and a couple of friends and she's just a normal sweet girl. But then, the time has come and she's taken to the god's dimension where she meets Dyletri, the former God of Fertility, which is who needs to sacrifice her. Things take a strange turn though, once they share the same space.

Dyletri has had eleven thousand years to get ready for the sacrifice that will bring his love back. In that time, he has turned his back on his powers as a god and has really just kind of bided his time until this time has come. But everything changes when he actually meets Ismini and begins to have feelings for her. Dyletri is so damn hot. Holy shit, I really couldn't get enough of him. He's a god and has all kinds of godly powers so, of course, that's hot. He's got a rockin' bod which is nice but expected. It's when he starts feeling things for Ismini that he gets really interesting. He definitely feels this responsibility to bring back Dimithinia, the woman he's loved for thousands of years. He feels responsible for her death so he wants to bring her back. But Ismini stirs something in him that he doesn't recognize. I won't say what she awakens in him but it drives most of the story and it just makes Dyletri more delicious.

Ismini and Dyletri are phenomenal. I mean, of course, I'm rooting for them, as a couple, but I like them each so much as individuals first so I was even more invested in them. I love how they both fight against their feelings for each other for as long as possible. Ismini tries to hide her feelings because she doesn't want Dyletri to feel bad or pity her. I mean, hell yeah, you go girl!!! And Dyletri, poor Dyletri, he doesn't even KNOW what he's feeling and his cluelessness is a kind of funny and a little adorable.

Overall, I loved this book. Ismini and her friends are feisty and hilarious. They talk and think they way modern women talk and think. What I mean by that is that their thoughts are littered with cuss words! Don't tell my mom but I DO cuss. I cuss when I talk and I cuss in my thoughts. It's casual and it doesn't mean anything, really, so when Ismini does it, it feels organic and natural and makes her very real. Dyletri is everything you want in a hero - domineering, sure of himself and absolutely clueless to his shortcomings. The Sexy Time is incredibly hot and plentiful. You won't believe how hot a simple kissing scene can be until you read this! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a paranormal romance with awesome characters, tons of Sexy Time and an intriguing story line!