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Little Black Dress (Romance on the Go) - Scarlet Chastain

Reviewed for Evie at www.Evie-Knight.com

Review copy courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review

Damn it, Scarlet Chastain, give me a full length novel!! :) You always leave me NEEDING MORE!!!

There are things about this novella that I loved and things that I didn't love but overall, this was a hot and enjoyable read so I've given it 4 stars. This author never ceases to amaze me by getting me all hot and bothered over some F/F lovemaking!!!

Little Black Dress is about Jamie and Giselle. Jamie is a bit of a fish out of water in Paris. She's a New Yorker and has full on lied to her boss about the fact that she can speak French. She can't. Well, maybe a sentence of two but her ignorance of the language is impeding the progress of her sales pitch. That is, she really has NO sales pitch, since she can't speak the language! It's true that I was bothered by the fact that Jamie lied to her boss and lied on her resume regarding her fluency in French. As a reader, am I supposed to like a liar? I thought that Jamie's reasoning excuse for that lie was a little iffy. Worse, it doesn't appear that Jamie has learned a lesson in that regard by the end of the novella either. But to my own amazement, I still really liked Jamie! I guess its not such a big lie after all but I was still surprised. In fact, I liked her right from the start and not once did I find myself rolling my eyes at her. Not once. I mean, that has to be a record, right? Well, it should be (grumble, grumble). So Jamie is this self-professed geek, stumbling along and trying to get some sales for her boss when she meets Giselle.

Giselle is way too fashionable for her own good! Gah, I tried to hate her but dammit, she was so sweet and kind that I just couldn't! But trust me, I don't think for ONE SECOND that most (or ANY) French women are as kind and giving as Giselle is! Especially not to an American woman!! But it was nice to have the fantasy for a while. Like Jamie, I really liked Giselle right from the moment that she's introduced. Giselle is straightforward and honest with Jamie and continues to be a great friend to Jamie from there on. The only down side to Giselle was when she jumped to an incorrect conclusion. I don't know how realistic it was for Giselle to assume that the intimacy she saw between Jamie and a man was actually intimate, since Giselle herself gives air-kisses for a greeting and the fact that most cultures are more physical and involve more innocent touching than Americans are used to. But I think maybe I'm thinking to hard on this and looking at things too deeply so this may be a moot point.

I don't think there was any real conflict, but then again, in a novella, do you really need a conflict? I don't think so. I wish the author would have expanded a bit more on Giselle. I feel like we barely scratched the surface with her and I know she would be a delicious character! But I loved that Giselle and Jamie were career-minded women. Since you won't see any other man-parts in this story, I'm going to tell you that it warms the "cock"les of my heart to see that both Jamie and Giselle could be considered successful and it would appear that neither of them had to resort to being a cold bitch to get there. Seriously though, I always love reading female characters who are discovering something about themselves, whether they're discovering their sexuality or a mission in life. I think it can be a lot of fun to read that transition and Little Black Dress has that.

I've reviewed another Scarlet Chastain book here. In that review, I think I tell you that you don't have to be "into" women to enjoy the book. I would say the same holds true for this one as well. Again, I'm more of an "Insert Tab A into Slot B" kinda gal and I still thought this was a very hot book. This one was a little more tame than Bella Key but this one focused a little more on the characters (at least on Jamie). So its similar but different, sort of? LOL!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. My big #1 complaint is that it's too short but that is not a reason that's going to hold water with many people. I love how the author writes her characters and I always want more. I want to spend more time with them and get deeper into their lives. But until she starts writing full length novels, I will happily read ANYTHING she writes! Anyway,Little Black Dress was a sweet, fun read and I absolutely thought the ending was super cute and totally perfect. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in an outside of the box type of romance that isn't too graphic. If you haven't already tried Scarlet Chastain, give her a try. I'm betting you'll like her too!!