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Bonds of Desire - Lynda Aicher

Reviewed for Evie at www.Evie-Knight.com

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via RT Con 2013.

Bonds of Desire is Book 3 in the Wicked Play series. I don't think you need to have read Books 1 & 2 to enjoy this one but you may want to go back and pick them up AFTER you read this! Also, it looks like this series will continue but this book is the third in the original trilogy.

This is something very new for me: Threesomes! Anyone who picks this up is going to need an open mind. You'll be seeing M/M, M/F, and of course, M/M/F. In addition, there are a couple of scenes of hardcore BDSM that may turn some people off. Now, I think that those scenes are not meant to turn you on but to actually give a glimpse of how the "BDSM" title is thrown around and used maybe a bit to liberally and applied to people or scenes that do not deserve that title. But how about we finish up with the explanations and get to the story!

Let's start with Seth. Wow, he is so hot and complicated! He's one of the owners of the leather club, "The Den" (along with Jake and Deklan from Books 1 & 2) but Seth isn't really into pain or any of the wilder things that the club offers. He's pretty much just into the Dom/sub scene and he's really not into the "scene" since he's kind of a one partner kind of guy. Seth is bi-sexual and it may seem unbelievable but damn, that is SO hot! It felt to me like Seth was usually the strong, silent type but in this book, he's a raging inferno. He sees someone taking a scene too far but because of the rules of the club and of BDSM in general, he can't step in until a rule is broken or until someone says a safeword. That's something that really amped up Seth's hotness for me: he knows the rules and he wants to throw the rules to the side and step in but he's so damn controlled that he just waits. And you can see how he's about to boil over and just lose it but he has such iron control over himself that he's able to wait! I know that this control goes hand in hand with a Dom but it never fails to impress me. Seth is also a closed book. He hides so much of himself and not many people, not even his business partners, know about his upbringing. I think that's what makes Seth so awesome and heartbreaking - you can see hi internal struggle to keep it all together.

Next is Tyler. Tyler is such a tragic character. He's the one that has a scene go badly but he doesn't seem to care. He thinks of himself as a whore, a worthless whore. He's a male escort so he feels like he lives up to that moniker every time he gets hired. It was really tough to read the things that were going through his head because he's obviously a decent person who has had to live through some really shitty circumstances. Tyler has this tough, street kid exterior (he DID live on the streets for a while) and it hides his secret pain and his desires. After a time in Seth's care, I started to see the cracks in Tyler's tough exterior and its so wonderful to see it happen. It also solidifies Seth's awesomeness in my head as well! LOL! I never thought I would be too interested in reading a M/M romance or whatever you want to call this. I think romance is a good word since its definitely not just sex. But Seth and Tyler made it feel so normal and natural and it was no big deal. It didn't seem unusual at all and I think that's a real testament to what a gift this author has. I dare you to not root for Tyler as you get to know his character more and more!

Last is Allie. She's another one that has this tough exterior but also has a lot going on underneath that exterior. She's this go-getter, up and coming lawyer who has very little time for anyone or anything outside of her career. She gets called in to represent Tyler in case he wants to press charges against the Dom that took his scene too far. I loved how sweet and gentle Allie was with Tyler. I have no idea how she knew what would work to get through to him but she does. As sweet as she is with Tyler, it was SO much fun to see her butt heads with Seth. Man, she wasn't going to give him an inch!! One thing that I didn't love so much about Allie is how she sort of him-haws about starting this thing with Seth and Tyler. I absolutely get her confusion but I didn't really like her tendency to run away. And she runs away a couple of times. After the first time, it got old immediately. Sure, it also made sense for the arc of her character but it was not a lot of fun to read. Then again, I could just be a dirty, filthy girl that wanted to get down to business, if you know what I mean...? ;) Anyways, once Allie wraps her head around what she's getting herself into and gets herself into a good space to accept it, she became a lot more interesting.

Obviously, as a threesome, Seth, Tyler and Allie were amazing. What surprised me was how hot Seth and Tyler were together. I mean, I just don't swing that way but their chemistry was phenomenal and has put this book on my "To Be Read Again and Again" list! I could read about them all day. Wait a second, I DID read about them all day! Anyways, so the three of them together are so perfect and they are so good for each other that you REALLY want to strangle them when they don't see that and when they don't see how they NEED each other!

I would highly recommend this book but only if you've read a few other super steamy romances. I don't think that this is a book for someone who has a read one of the popular BDSM books and feels like they're well versed in this lifestyle. Although as a threesome, Seth, Tyler and Allie are not really deep into the BDSM scene, there ARE advanced BDSM issues/themes and a fairly complicated love triangle. Now, I'm not saying that I know BDSM and that I'm some kind of expert. I'm just trying to reiterate that anyone wanting to tackle this book should have an open mind. But I promise you, if you can handle this level of intense romance, you'll be richly rewarded with an unconventional love story that may change the way you look at conventional relationships!