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Perfect Fling (Serendipity's Finest, #2) - Carly Phillips

Review and author interview posted on Kindles & Wine

Hopefully a lot of you follow our blog and check us out on a regular basis. If you do, you may remember that I’ve reviewed some Carly Phillips stuff before – a book and a short story. And I loved that we got to host her exclusive cover reveal for Perfect Fling back in February. Now the book is out and you KNOW I had to get my hands on it! Perfect Fling has all the things that I love in a romance: a tough heroine and bad boy hero! Read on to find out more…

This is the second book in Carly Phillips’s Serendipity’s Finest series and the second full-length book by her that I’ve read. I really enjoy her writing. Her books are a lot of fun and they come chock-full of laughs, mystery, hot scenes, and lots of drama!

In Perfect Fling, Erin, the heroine, is at the center of much of the laughs, mystery, hot scenes, and drama. Poor Erin! She’s the good girl; always has been, always will be. Until the night she isn’t. For me, Erin is just about the perfect heroine. She has a career, friends, family, and she knows who she is. She may not particularly like her reputation as a good girl, but she IS a good girl and has come to accept that about herself. She also fights for what she believes in and I think that’s what I like best about her. She’s founded this pro bono law practice that helps low-income families keep their homes and helps women get the child support they deserve, and I feel like that just adds fuel to the fire of Erin being an awesome human being. Then, when Erin is injured by an unknown person and they don’t know if it’s random or personal, she puts her foot down and makes sure that she either makes the decisions about her safety or at least has a say in those decisions. With a family full of police officers, that’s no easy feat! But Erin also has this vulnerable side (maybe it’s part of her good girl DNA?). It’s rare she shows that side of herself, so when she does, it has an impact…especially on Cole. And I loved seeing her push Cole beyond his emotional and commitment comfort zones.

Speaking of Cole…wow, I really didn’t like him. Even though the book never mentions that Cole is a player, I thought his behavior was reminiscent of one. The way Cole treats Erin on their morning after, and pretty much every time they cross paths, reminded me of those “Hit It & Quit It” guys. So it took me a long time to warm up to his character. I think there’s even still a part of me that doesn’t quite like him, but I can hold a grudge like nobody’s business! LOL! But don’t worry, Cole DOES redeem himself and redeems himself often. He really is a good guy; he’s just had to live his life a certain way because of his job. So he may have an attitude, but it’s hard to hold it against him. Besides, the author makes it very clear why Cole acts the way he does, and usually it’s because he’s trying to save Erin the heartache of being associated with him.

Together, holy hotness! Erin and Cole are absolutely combustible! There is a lot of Sexy Time and, wow, Erin and Cole certainly have a spark! As hot as the sex scenes were, I found that the scenes where they were fighting were when I started to fall in love with them as a couple. I know, I know, I’m totally twisted! But it also had me really rooting for Erin to get through to Cole even more than I already was.

Bottom Line 
This was such a fun book to read! It had lots of laughs, a good (although easily guessed) mystery, and plenty of drama. The secondary characters were awesome and I really hope some of them get their own books! The Sexy Time was plentiful and really hot. Anyone who enjoys a fun contemporary romance will love Perfect Fling!

Rating: B+

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley