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Revving Her Up - Joy Daniels

Reviewed for Evie at www.Evie-Knight.com

Review copy courtesy of the publisher

Revving Her Up appears to be the first book in a new series by Joy Daniels. I say "appears" because its listed as "Full Throttle #1" but there are no other books listed after this one. I seriously hope this author continues on with this series because it was a lot of fun!

First, as always, is the heroine, Sarah. I tried to like her, I really, really did! She's supposed to seem like this brash, up-tight New York City attorney and that's exactly how she came off. The problem was that she didn't ever seem like anything else. I know that we're supposed to maybe not like her so much at first but then warm up to her as we get to know her better. I thought that her sexual dysfunction was interesting and something I've not seen recently (if ever). I can't recall a time where a female character couldn't reach orgasm due to too much stress in her life. I think its a great way to endear her to the reader but I just wasn't buying it. Well, I guess I was buying it but I still felt she was still this one dimensional snob who didn't want to care about labels and designer clothes and money but in reality, she does. It didn't escape my notice that for the most part, she only thought two things about Cole: he's hot and he's rich (oooh look at his designer clothes, oooh look at his advanced degree, oooh look at his beautiful house, etc.). Sure, she eventually likes him because he can give her an orgasm and he opens a couple of doors for her but come on. I need more from her. I wanted to like Sarah but it just never really happened for me. I think that at best, I ended up tolerating her.

Cole, on the other hand, is amazing. He's hot (of course) but he's also crazy smart! Sarah thinks that he's just some hick mechanic but in reality, he has a degree in mechanical engineering with a specialty in automotive design (or something like that). In English, that means he's not just a mechanic, he can actually build engines for racecars! Design them, build them, fix them, tweak them, all of it! Now, for me, when a man knows his way around an engine, that's hot. But when a man knows his way around an engine, inside an engine and every other way about an engine, consider me on board!!! I didn't care one way or the other about his "southern charm" for two reasons: first, I live in the south and have YET to see a man displaying ANY of this fabled southern charm (or manners, or any of that) so what I'm saying is that whole southern charm thing is a myth!!!! Yeah! I went there!! Second, and I know this is going to start a war but... Virginia is NOT The South (in my opinion). Washington DC is not considered the south and there are parts of Virginia that are NORTH of DC!!! Obviously, I'm speaking geographically and not about, like, the freaking Civil War or some shit. Besides, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. No matter what my opinion is on The South or on this Southern Charm, Cole is smoking hot. He's smart, sexy, handsome and can fix your car... yum, is anything better than that??

I think that Cole and Sarah could be pretty hot. The first encounter they have doesn't go so well because of Sarah's issue but you can definitely see potential there. Later, they're more.... successful and yikes, they are definitely hot!! I thought that Sarah was way too much in her head but that's kind of her exact issue so I can't really complain about that. I think its really ballsy and cool that the author actually had a scene where no one ends up happy, you know? I can't say that I really liked Cole and Sarah together but this is a pretty short story (around 118 pages). I think if I had more time with Cole and Sarah, I would warm up to them as a couple.

Overall, this was a sexy book. I didn't connect with the heroine but I think if the book was a little longer, the author may have been able to expand on her good points more and I would have liked her more. Cole is the reason that I think people should read this. I know a lot of us think that mechanics are nasty, smelly, fat grease monkeys but this book shows you that they are a LOT more than that. That's not to say that ALL mechanics are hot, sexy beasts because holy crap, they're NOT! LOL! But don't write a guy off because they have dirt under their nails (well, if they have dirt under their nails and they're chewing on their nails - yeah, write 'em off but that's self-explanatory, isn't it?). I would hesitantly recommend this book to readers of erotica/romance. It's pretty hot as long as you can get past the lukewarm heroine.