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Review copy courtesy of the publisher

Reviewed for Evie at www.evie-knight.com

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Oh my gosh! So much heat and so damn funny!! This frickin book was right up my alley! That's not to say I didn't have a couple of issues with it - you know me, I'm nothing if not a whiney bitch - but overall, this was a keeper!

Let's stat off with my favorite part of this book - the heroine!! I thought she was so funny! There's this one scene where she's hiding out in a back room during a bar fight. She hears the sounds coming closer so she looks around to get some kind of weapon to defend herself and finds a bat. While she's looking around, she's thinking to herself that she's some kind of GI Jane and she's just trying to psych herself up. It was frickin hilarious! There are times that she doesn't seem all that tough but really, she IS. First of all, she delivers a smack down more than once during the book and each time was surprising since its coming from this sweet little school teacher. But more than that, she saves herself more than once, which is kind of awesome. She doesn't know any "moves"; she's just a survivor and she does NOT give up. On the other side, she's not all tough and ballsy. She actually kind of falls apart and needs her man after she's attacked. I surprised myself because I didn't begrudge her that at all. I mean, she held her own and made it through so she can go ahead and let go and need some comforting. Something I did NOT care for about Ella is her immaturity. Ok, so she's a virgin, that's fine. But the way she reacts when she and her man have a fight was just way off base. They argue and when she wakes up and he's gone (he's at work), she packs her shit and takes off for a day or so. Her phone was off and no one knew where she was! Umm, hello?? It was a little argument and she's all 'Oh I knew he didn't really like me.' Ugh. She's SO quick to assume things (usually bad things) about this man that she doesn't know very well. Why wouldn't you just slow down and give him a chance to talk?? Was she super sheltered? Does she know NOTHING about relationships? Does being a virgin make you stupid?? I didn't think so but now I'm not so sure!

Then there's her man, Ryder. First, his name is Ryder Wilde. Ugh. But damn, he sounds really hot! He's the leader of a biker gang, which normally doesn't do much for me since I'm not into bikers but whoa. So he's a major badass, of course, and he's for SURE an alpha male. Like big time. I was super worried that I would be turned off by him because seriously alpha males piss me off (have you read Rebecca Zanetti's Fated? Double ugh.). But I quickly saw that his alpha male-osity presented itself mostly in the form of protectiveness. He was really protective of Ella, right from the start, and who wouldn't like that?? It was HOT! But even if you aren't into that (are you CRAZY?!), all of that over-reaction is tempered by his incredible sweetness. I mean, yes, he's a big bad biker guy but when he's around Ella, he just kind of melts into this ooey gooey kissable dreamboat! LOL! I don't know how the author does it but its cute and hot and somehow still totally manly!

Together, Ella and Ryder are combustible! So frickin' hot! But so much happens in this book that I cannot believe that its only around 200 pages! Ella has a kind of stalker but the author keeps you guessing if she really DOES have one. Ella isn't sure if she's imagining things or what. I mean, I can totally understand that in this case. What can you do about a funny feeling? Or explain why the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end? How do you file a report saying that your "spidey sense" is tingling?! But even after the stalker issue is resolved and you think that its time for the happy ending, the author has more surprises in store for you! Oh no, you won't be getting off that easily! She's stringing you along until the very end! And I kinda liked it... ;)

This book was great! But wait, before I forget! The epilogue is pretty cool. It's told from Ryder's point of view and he basically gives a quick recap of the events in the book but from his side of it. Its not a huge long thing but it was fun to see things from his eyes. Anyways, I would highly recommend this book to anyone! The secondary characters were great and Ella's best friend, Payton, gets her own book! There are tons and tons of laughs, which as you know, is one of my favorite things. But in addition to that, there's plenty of super hot Sexy Time and even several mysteries that need to be solved. Plus, several people are not who they seem to be... I can't wait for you to read this book! I know you'll love it and after you read it, I want you to come back here and tell me what you thought of the end!!!