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Smokin' Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women - Delilah Devlin, Jo Davis, Elle James, Tahira Iqbal, M. Marie, Kalissa Wayne, Shoshanna Evers, Rachel Firasek, Sabrina York, Adele Dubois, Nanette Guadiano, Cathryn Fox, Ily Goyanes, Maggie Wells, Rowan Elizabeth, Catherine Paulssen, Cynthia D'Alba, Lynn   Townsend

Reviewed for Evie at www.evie-knight.com

Review copy courtesy of the publisher

Whoa! What a book! I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it! Smokin' Hot Firemen is approximately 215 pages and contains not one, not two, but SEVENTEEN hot little stories, all about... you guessed it! FIREMEN!

I'm not sure how to review a book that has 17 different stories in it but I'll give it a shot... just for YOU! First off, let me give you a disclaimer or two. I've never really seen what the big deal is about Firemen and their hotness. Don't get me wrong, I have definitely seen a hot fireman in my day. There's a place in New Mexico (where I used to live) that seems like ALL of the firemen there were ordered out of "Hot Dude Quarterly" (oh how I wish that was a real catalog!). But other than that, I don't consider firemen as hot guys. I know that it's only because my brother is a fireman and well, having any naughty thoughts about firemen just seems really wrong! LOL! So obviously, I was a little trepidatious about starting this book. Luckily, I was able to set aside reality and enjoy this one and I didn't think about my brother once! ...Thank GOODNESS!!

I don't know what I'd call these stories. They certainly aren't novellas - they're too short for that. Some of them are only a few pages. They didn't seem to be ordered in any particular way that I could tell. The stories range from cute and sweet to funny to really hot containing BDSM! I know there has to be something in this book for everyone! Since I can't review each and every story, let me tell you some details about just a couple of them.

One of the ones I liked (since I'm a filthy girl) was Saving Charlotte by Sabrina York. This was a BDSM story and even though it was short, the author packed in lots of great stuff! Mark, the fireman, is rescuing people from a a blaze in an apartment. There's supposed to be one person inside and when Mark finds her, he shocked - she's tied to the bed!!! Charlotte had been trying out a little BDSM with her boyfriend and as a little cute punishment, he left her there. Who could have known there would be a fire but it doesn't matter. Charlotte is fine and Marks leaves her with an offer that she simply cannot refuse! This was such a sexy story and I'm truly amazed at how the author was able to breathe life into these characters in such a short amount of time. But if you don't like BDSM, don't worry. It's not really deep into the scene, with butt plugs and Saint Andrew's Crosses and all that, so just about anyone could read this.

Another one was Temperature Rising by Cathryn Fox. Delilah is waiting at a bar for her date when Jonah, the newest (youngest?) fire chief waltzes in the door, full of his usual swagger. She refuses to give in to the temptation of staring at and drooling on him but, in the end, she can't help herself. This was a totally cute story and I loved it. Again, the author infuses these characters with life in such a short amount of time. Plus, things aren't what they seem with Delilah and Jonah so the end of the story surprised me and it was so much fun!

Can you see where I going with this? Each story has something different or unique. That was actually another thing that I was worried about before starting this book: how many variations on firemen stories can there be? Sure, each story is from a different author but I just figured it would get really old, really fast. I'm SO glad that I was wrong! 

I need to be honest, though. Not all of the stories were winners. There were a couple that didn't really thrill me or were just plain ol' boring. I didn't really click with the characters or I felt that there was no chemistry between them. But out of 17 stories, there were only two that I didn't like and I think that's pretty great! 

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this book. It would be perfect for someone who is really busy and has a hard time sitting down and committing to one book. Each story only takes a short while to read and then you can put it down until you have more time. Even with that, it was a blast to read, the characters were real and the Sexy Time was awesome!! You have to try this one out!!!