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**Review copy courtesy of the publisher**

**This is a really long review with a lot of snark and bitchiness. You've been warned.**

**Reviewed for Evie at Evie-Knight.com**

Hmmm, I wonder if I'm missing something? I see that this book has a lot of really high ratings (4+stars). Well, no matter. I don't give two shits that everyone else liked this book. I thought the characters were dicks which is why I rated it so low. Lemme 'splain...

Before I start throwing my hissy fit, let me tell you that I loved the writing in this book. I thought it was paced pretty well and the author absolutely sucked me in. I really only wanted to quit this book at the 75% mark due to my absolute disgust with the characters. Oh and this book is friggin hot! There were a couple of scenes... umm, well nevermind. Just trust me that they were really hot and totally awesome. Because of this, I gave the book 2 stars. I could probably go with 3 but I'm still pissed so deal with it.

Now, we have our heroine, Kate. Kate's mom died when Kate was 18 and Kate had to raise her 11-year old sister from that time on. She's made ends meet due to her mom's healthy life insurance policy but also due to the fact that Kate works like a dog. She's a nurse and takes all the overtime and extra shifts she can get her hands on! Right after we meet Kate, she ends up saving a surfer who has a seizure while out on the water. She gets a lot of attention for her rescue due to the fact that the man who helped her is a big rock star. Well, former rock star but we'll get to him later. So Kate is awesome, right? She's a nurse and she's out there saving people and she's raised her little sister and she's a great person! I loved her! But after she meets her rock star, she slowly starts to change. See, she goes on this date with a doctor who asked her out. The date doesn't go well (yes, I'm being vague on purpose) but at least she's out there, right? Later on, she starts seeing a red Mercedes everywhere she goes and it has a unique license plate. She thinks nothing of it except something like, "Hm, I feel like I've seen that car around a lot..." Oh really, you dumb shit? You go on a shitty date with a shitty guy who creeps you out and when you see a car over and over again, you think nothing of it??! How has this chick NOT been attacked and murdered yet if that's how her sense of self preservation works?!? Then later, she gets into some danger and ohhh here comes the big, strong man to save and protect her. I just threw up all over my Feminists' Manual. To top her massive stupidity off, the money is running low from her mom's life insurance (that's how she pays for her sister's college) and her sister is blowing through cash like a hooker at cocaine convention and she's all wringing her hands and "Oh dear whatever shall I do?" You know what you do? Tell your bitch of a spoiled sister that she can pay for her own damn school. Jesus H You-Know-Who! I could LITERALLY go on with like 6 more examples of where these two sisters made me want to gouge my eyes out but this review is already too long and I haven't even started on the dude. So hopefully you get my point about these chicks, even if you don't agree with me. I require, REQUIRE a good heroine. And this one sucked a rotten egg for most of the book.

Which brings us to Alec. Oh Alec. How pathetic you are. For those of you that just luuuuurve rock stars, you'll probably dig him. But for me, I have a very hard time picturing a rock star without picturing gross Tommy Lee or Vince McNeil or whatever his name was. Oh, or that dude that was banging chicks on VH1 and now remodels RV's (oh how the mighty have fallen). And for ME, those dudes are NOT attractive. And they're not even like Carrot Top who I'd do just for the fascination or creepy factor and to see if his face ever moves. No, they're just... yuck. So I'm a little handicapped from the start, in my opinion. But let's just try to imagine that Alec looks like Ryan Gosling or Henry Cavill or whoever your flavor of the month is, ok? He (Alec, not Ryan or Henry) seems pretty great even though he used to be a serious drug addict. He's been clean and sober for like 10 years now and he's an entertainment lawyer. Good dude, right? I really liked him! I love seeing a hero battle his demons and all that good stuff. But once he and Kate get more serious, he starts to have this tendency to bail. Like literally. They're at a party, two hours away from Kate's home. They have mind-blowing sex against a wall (seriously, it was HOT!), he freaks out and bolts while she's in the bathroom. HE WAS DRIVING! SHE HAS NO WAY HOME! Oh well, he gives a thousand dollars to one of the catering people to find her and take her home. Oh what a greaaaaaaaat guy!! (<---- Sarcasm.) No. No way. No WAY would a guy ever get within 100 yards of me after pulling a stunt like that! I don't care what the excuse was! Oh, oh, you were kidnapped? Oh dear... well guess what, I don't give a shit and by the way, meet my Tazer, asshole! Later they make up (oh of-fricking-course), and he's explaining why he took off at the party and says that he was afraid he hurt her or some shit and she tells him she was into it and he's all, "You were?"... Seriously. Take a minute to absorb that. Did her moans not give it away? Her dripping wet lady bits (excuse my rudeness there)? Her sighs of satisfaction after? The kissing after? Yeah, this dude is some rock god who's gotten more tail than a taxidermist and he didn't get that she was into it. Wait, what's that? Oops, its my eyeballs on the floor. They fell out after I rolled them so hard. UGH!!!

So I hope you can see why I rated this one so low. I love a stupid character as much as the next girl but even I have my limits. I knew I was over this book when Alec professes his love saying that its crappy timing and I thought, "Uhh, no the book is almost over so your timing is just about spot on, dude." I was already out of the book and into making fun of it already. I won't even get into the side plot with the triangle of Kate, Kate's father and Kate's sister. Its way too much.

If you like weak, ineffectual heroines and moronic heroes, you might like this one. On the other hand, I think that has some really great plot points and the characters are really taken through the wringer. As much as I hated the characters (all of them), I couldn't wait to see what the secrets were and how the mysteries would end! I feel like if you really can overlook the character flaws OR if you think the things I mentioned were not character flaws, then you should for sure read this book! It has some really great aspects. I just felt that the characters dragged it down too much for me. What do YOU think??