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Review and excerpt posted on Kindles & Wine

I’ve read a couple of Robyn Carr’s books, and I have to say that I really like them. They’re generally not as hot as my usual fare, but Carr is almost unrivaled at creating characters that you absolutely fall in love with. I enjoy her characters so much that I don’t even care if there aren’t any Sexy Time scenes. Can you believe it? I can’t believe I just admitted that! Anyway, The Newcomer is going to satisfy longtime Robyn Carr fans and will probably garner her some new fans as well!

The Newcomer (Thunder Point #2)

Oh boy…there is SO much good stuff in this book! There is NO way I’m going to be able to do it justice, so I’m going to do something crazy here: I’m going to tell you what I thought was the best part and what was the worst part of this book for me. But that’s not what is crazy. What’s crazy is that the best part and worst part are the same thing!

If you’ve read Robyn Carr, or if you’ve only read reviews of her books, you may see some recurring themes: family, friends, drama. The Newcomer has all of those things in spades! There is so much going on and so many people that you have to become familiar with right away: a couple who have to deal with an ex-wife who wants back in the lives of the children she abandoned; a couple who are going to have to decide how serious they are when one of their jobs may force a relocation; a teenage daughter of one of our main characters who comes a little too close to wanting to hurt herself. I mean, there’s even MORE, but I think you get the hint. Maybe these stories would have been easier to keep straight if I had read Book 1 (The Wanderer) first, but I felt like I still was able to jump right in and enjoy all of it.

Once you understand who is who, the book just takes off. All of these families have to turn to their own families and to their friends to help them through their various dramas. And the author does this thing that I love and hate at the same time: she gets you into the story, like totally sucked in, and then she switches to someone else’s story…and then when you get sucked in to that one, she changes it up again! My head was spinning but I loved it! LOL! Each story was so great on its own, but then to combine them into one book was ridiculously great!

Are you seeing what I’m trying to say about how something you don’t really like could become something that you liked? There’s so much happening and so many characters, but there is not one second that you are ever bored. There was not one sentence that I wanted to skip. Well, I wanted to skip some, but only because I wanted to hurry up and see what happened! LOL! But I’m sort of a cheater like that sometimes. I’m sure that YOU will be more well-behaved than I was.

Oh, one more thing…I really hope you don’t mind a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of a book, because this one has a couple. They aren’t major cliffhangers, but if you’re like me and want a strictly stand-alone novel that wraps up with a neat, clean ending, you won’t be happy. There were a couple of characters who were still in flux and facing major life decisions at the end of the novel, so we won’t get to find out more until August whenThe Hero is released. Can YOU handle the wait? Because I think I may just lose my mind! LOL!

Bottom Line 

Fans of Robyn Carr will love this new entry in her lexicon. If you’re looking for a light, linear romance with one main couple and a few side characters added in for spice, this book will not be for you. But if you want to get deep into characters’ lives, their issues and dilemmas, joys and triumphs, then you’ll love this book. Robyn Carr is such a master of her craft that you’re never really confused as to who is who or as to what is going on, so reading The Wanderer first is not required.

Rating: B+

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley