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Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.

Reviewed for Evie at In Love With Romance.

Ho. Ly. Crap! This book was effing HOT!! Oh my goodness!! Before I get into the review, let go over some other things first. As you can see, this is considered a boxed set, which is how I read it. They are sold as a set and also sold individually (Sex Stories 1-5). Individually, they are priced anywhere from 99 cents to $3. I have to encourage you to buy them in the boxed set. There is no way that you won't want to read the entire thing. Also, you really need to read book 1 first. Please don't skip it. The rest of the books may make some sense but you'll be missing out on all of the emotional impact. Besides, individually, the books would be erotica or maybe just porn. But together, in the set, they are erotic romance.

Now that I've finished that, let's get to the good stuff!!

Elizabeth, as you've probably figured out by now, is the main character. She wakes up blindfolded and tied to a bed. Since she's a lawyer by trade, she uses her logical mind to mentally work through what is going on and what's happened to her. All she can figure, though, is that she's been kidnapped because she doesn't remember anything after going to dinner with her husband the night before. She's concerned that she may be raped but her concerns are quickly put to rest when a mysterious man with a French accent, who insists on being called "Sir", tells her that not only will she not be raped but that she'll be begging for him to....service her... in no time. I can't reveal much else because its all wrapped up in who "Sir" is and what he is to Elizabeth. What I can reveal is that the sex is so incredibly hot that I don't know that you'll believe it. You really WILL have to read it to see what I'm talking about!

I found this to be a very interesting read. It made me SO uncomfortable in some places and I think that that's what makes a great book: it has to make you think or make you feel something. Some of the scenes really bothered me and I mean that in a good way. This book got got under my skin and I was getting uncomfortable FOR Elizabeth! Here's what I mean: "Sir" has Elizabeth all trussed up in this wooden chair. But then he immobilizes her head, and then he wraps a restraint around her neck. This is after he has wrapped restraints around her midsection and breasts, which restricts her breathing in such a way that she CAN breathe but she can't take a deep breath. While he was wrapping her up, she was getting nervous and uncomfortable but more and more turned on. At the same time, my pulse was speeding up and I felt my stomach churning and it was almost unbearable! LOL! I'm sitting there, reading a book, and I'm feeling like I'm having a hard time breathing! I mean, come on!!! But because I try to see the bright side of everything, I realized that I've found what would be one of my "hard limits". LOL! So my point is that I almost felt like I was going through what Elizabeth was going through and as hot as it was to read, I didn't like so much when I was feeling it! 

I realized pretty quickly that I liked Elizabeth. She's a good lawyer (insert lawyer joke here...) and she works hard to be that way. She definitely takes charge in her work and in her private life and she has a lot on her shoulders. So it was surprising to find out how little Elizabeth knew about her own sexuality and her own sexual needs. She's even more surprised than I was, I think! LOL! It also made me realize how valuable someone like "Sir" would be in real life!

We eventually find out that "Sir"'s real name in Andre and he was a totally cool character! I really liked him, even before Elizabeth calmed down enough to like him. I love how he's one of those men that knows what you need before you know you need it. My only issue with Andre, and it isn't even really WITH Andre, was that he wasn't really completely fleshed out. That's also the complaint I have about Elizabeth's husband. It seems that the men in this novel, in a way, fall by the way side until the end of the novel. Well, actually, until the last book of the series,Elizabeth's Love Ties. I can't complain that much though because I think that this story is supposed to be mostly about Elizabeth's sexual journey. The men are just delicious extras!

My other issue with this series is the author's use of the word "there" for Elizabeth's vagina. I get that it can be tough to come up with new terms for a woman's Lady Bits. Especially if you need to reference it over and over. There's only so many times that you could use vagina, pussy, clit, etc before it starts to be noticeably repetitive. Actually, the author uses the "See You Next Tuesday" term, which I know pisses a lot of people off. If you're going to go out on a limb and use that term, why back track and use "there", as in "...he touched me, down there". My goodness, you could use "Hoo-Ha" or "Va-jay-jay" and it would irritate me (slightly) less. Ugh. That is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine but maybe you wouldn't even notice it. Maybe its just me?

For me, there was a line that redeemed the author and any mistakes the characters may have made. Andre says to Elizabeth: "I so love women. At their best they make the most generous, unselfish and giving lovers of us all." Now, I've never had a woman as a lover but I absolutely believe this can be true. In this instance, I'm pretty sure Andre is talking about women and sex but I also think that women are generous, selfish and giving lovers in any sense. Don't we give love to our families and out friends? Our co-workers on occasion? So this line really resonated with me and I was so impressed when Andre said it.

No matter what you want to call this, the bottom line is that its very good and highly entertaining. The Sexy Time is stupid good and stupid hot. I dare you... no, I double-dog-dare you to read this and NOT get all hot and bothered! But while I was getting hot and bothered, Elizabeth was going on a journey of self-discovery. It was not an easy trip for her but I think she is so much better for having gone on it. 

One last thing... if you decide to read this, I know you'll love it. And you'll be wanting more Andre (I know I did!). The great news is that you can continue reading about Andre in Nikki Sex's Bound and Freed Boxed Set. I know I'll be heading over to get it, right away!!