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Concealed Desire - Eden Summers

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.

Thanks to Evie at In Love with Romance for hooking me up with this book!! Go check out her site!

Ohhhh! I really loved this book! It looks like I gave it 4 stars but that's more like 4.5 stars. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great! So much fun!! Two awesome characters, lots of laughs! Now, you know I don't like novellas and.... I think this might be a novella!?!? Its 147 pages and I still loved it! Can you believe it!?

Ok, enough of my gushing...let's get on with the review!

Let's start with Beth. Beth is the heroine of Concealed Desire and when we meet her, she has a HUGE problem. Her boss, a man old enough to be her father...her way older father, has just laid out a proposition for Beth to become his mistress! She's not really sure how to handle it. I mean, she's gonna say no, of course, but she doesn't want to burn any bridges or be rude. So she puts him off, takes off for the day and goes down to the pub to get wasted and forget her problems. Unfortunately, the boss's son joins her. It unfortunate because Beth is a little bit drunk and also because she's been attracted to him for a long time. And now, Beth is going to have a whole new set of problems! Obviously I won't tell you what they're going to be but I CAN tell you that Beth is pretty great. I didn't love the fact that she didn't immediately tell her old man boss to kiss her hiney before going to Human Resources to report sexual harassment. But I suppose I can see why she would want to display a little more tact than I would. She LOVES her job and she's friends with most of her co-workers so she doesn't want to ruin anything by angering the big boss. Other than that, I thought she was an excellent heroine. She's a little bit vulnerable, a little bit tough, a lot ballsy and very funny! And her reactions to the boss's son, Dean, were spot on! She's insanely attracted to him but he has the reputation of being a player (a well-deserved reputation) so she doesn't want to get involved with him buuuuuuut she REALLY wants him but she's knows she should resist the temptation and on and on. I mean, I SO get it! Have you ever been that tempted before? Oh I hope so! Some men are just so delicious AND dangerous! Well, danger to your panties anyways... LOL!! Now that I've hopefully shocked a laugh out of you, let's move on to the man in questions here!

Dean is the boss's son but he works hard and isn't a dick. Sure, he's a player but he always honest. The women he sleeps with know, going in, that it's only a one-night thing. But he's always had a soft spot for Beth. She seemed sweet and tough at the same time. And she's smart as hell. But he knows she won't go out with him and he knows that's probably for the best. But that day in the bar changes everything. He tries to be a gentleman and offers her a ride home but things... well, things get a little tricky... Dean is a great hero! So he's a player but it doesn't make you dislike him because he's so honest about it. I also love when a heroine can be an agent of change in the transformation of a bad boy. I'm not suggesting that all of us women want to go out and get us a man and immediately start trying to change him. But when you see that a guy like Dean is exactly what Beth needs, you WANT him to be the right guy for her. You want him to make these minor changes (or major changes) that will make her happy but that will also make HIM happy too. It's just that sometimes men take a little longer to catch on to these good ideas, right?? LOL! Besides, who doesn't want to "tame the wild beast", eh?

Overall, my first thought about this book is that it was fun and hilarious! I mean, the author knows exactly how to write sarcasm and have it be funny and NOT bitchy or rude. The humor and sarcasm made it feel very modern to me, as well. Some of the things that Beth is thinking... I was full on laughing out loud! When she references Dean's manly bits as a "thrill drill", I just about choked! Oh and speaking about what Beth was thinking... the author switches between Dean's point of view and Beth's point of view and it makes it so much easier to get to know the characters and makes it easier to like them both as well.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a quick read that is lots of fun, has lots of humor, plenty of Sexy Time and a totally happy ending!