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Review posted on Kindles & Wine

Holy rock stars, Batman! You’d think there would be an entire section of romance novels starring rock stars. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen very many at all. In fact, this is only the second one I’ve read. The first one I read didn’t exactly thrill me, so I figured I just didn’t like having a rock star be the…well…star of the book. (I kept picturing Tommy Lee and he just doesn’t do it for me.) But Devoured by Emily Snow has definitely given me a reason to start liking rock stars more and more!

Devoured is Book 1 in Emily Snow’s Devoured series. Although there is a Book 0.5, which is a novella, I don’t think you need to read it in order to enjoy this one.

We first meet Sienna, our heroine. I’ll be honest with you: she’s kind of a doormat, so I didn’t warm up to her right off the bat. She lets everyone walk all over her – her mom, her roommate, her brother, her boss…basically anyone she comes into contact with. She chalks it up to her mom’s influence on her and I’d have to agree. Her mom is a drug-dealing jerk who tried to get Sienna’s brother to take the fall for her drug charges. Luckily, her mom is sitting her butt in jail, but in fine doormat fashion, Sienna still lets herself be manipulated by her from afar. She also finds that Lucas Wolfe is back in her life. Sienna and Lucas have a not-so-pretty history and Sienna doesn’t like Lucas one bit, especially since he is trying to take her grandma’s home. But one thing leads to another and Sienna ends up working for Lucas, which was awesome because Lucas FINALLY helps her learn to stand up for herself. Once she started doing that, I really started liking her!

Lucas is kind of a bad guy at first, because he really is trying to get Sienna’s grandma’s house. I really wanted Sienna to go up to him and hit him when they were at the courthouse. I know, so violent of me! LOL! As always with bad boy heroes, the more I got to know Lucas, the more complex and interesting he became and the more I liked him. I fell a little more in love with Lucas when it became clear how much he really DOES like, need, and want Sienna. It showed how much power Sienna could have over him, and it was pretty awesome to see that side of Lucas after he dominated Sienna throughout most of the book. This may sound strange, since I don’t usually like when the hero or heroine has a secret that they’re keeping, but here, I liked the fact that Lucas has a big secret he’s trying to keep from Sienna. I thought that it somehow added a whole additional layer to their working and personal relationships. But we all know how secrets work: they get revealed at the worst possible time, and in Devoured, it’s no different!

Lucas and Sienna are pretty hot. There isn’t a lot of Sexy Time in this book, but the tension is so delicious that I really didn’t mind! I wasn’t sure how much I would like this book when I didn’t really care for the two main characters at first, but they grew on me fast. The secondary characters are pretty great, too. I especially liked Sienna’s roommate and Lucas’s sister. Lucas’s sister has her own book (Savor You, yay!), but I’m still waiting for Sienna’s roommate’s book!

The only thing I didn’t really like was how the author hints that Lucas is into BDSM, but it’s not really mentioned again later in the book. I don’t know if that will be explored in more detail in the next installment, but it wasn’t in this one other than in small, subtle ways, which was a little disappointing for me.

Bottom Line 

Devoured was an awesome book. There is a little bit of light BDSM (blindfolding, talk of dom/sub contracts) but nothing major. For an erotic romance, I felt like it was missing a little bit of Sexy Time—I was expecting a lot more in terms of sex scenes—but the fun sexual tension mostly made up for it. It had some fun yet damaged characters that I enjoyed spending time with and will definitely be coming back for more!

Rating: B+