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Stranded with a Billionaire - Jessica Clare

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Holy crap. FINALLY! A romance where the heroine has the same thoughts as a normal person would about a love affair with a billionaire!

Bronte Dawson was a pretty great character. I immediately liked her. When we first see her, she's won this vacation to the Bahamas through a local radio station. She begrudgingly took her co-worker, Sharon, with her and she's regretting it. Sharon has done nothing but complain and drink all the booze in the mini-bar, which Bronte will have to pay for. Ugh, I couldn't stand Sharon and I felt bad for Bronte. When the hurricane rolls in, Sharon can't find her passport and asks Bronte to go upstairs and double check their room. Of course, Bronte gets trapped in the elevator with a stranger while the hurricane makes landfall and that's where the REAL story starts! So Bronte was great. She's a nice, normal person which is a nice change. She's a little quirky and I loved that. She has a degree in Philosophy and she's constantly quoting Plato and Socrates and all of those old philosophers. I thought it was so cute and funny and it was really endearing. Later, when she finds out who this Logan really is, she has perfectly normal feelings. She worries that she won't fit in with his super rich crowd of friends and that she isn't good enough for him. I felt like I could really identify with those feelings. I mean, a normal person dating an uber-rich guy? Who wouldn't feel inadequate?! So, yeah, I really loved Bronte and thought she was a great match for Logan.

Logan Hawkins was an awesome hero. He's stupid rich and really powerful. He has powerful friends and intimidating business allies. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. I just really liked him, a lot. He could have been this cold heartless bastard, which is probably what his father would have wanted him to be. But he wasn't. Especially when he gets to know Bronte. He doesn't even understand why he feels anything about her at all but he kind of likes her and he likes her attitude. She's so friendly and sunny that he feels he can't help but be drawn to her. I really love when the hero feels like he can't help himself when it comes to the heroine. And Logan goes to extremes to get a chance to talk to Bronte. I mean, when Bronte finds out who Logan is and what he's worth, she's intimidated by him and takes off. Logan buys the restaurant where she works so that he gets a chance to talk to her! I mean, hello? And if you can believe it, that's only the beginning of their relationship! There's just so much more and the more you get, the more you love Logan!

Together, Logan and Bronte are so awesome! On the island, they have one kind of relationship and its sweet and wonderful and free. And then, when they come back to reality, its like a bucket of cold water has been thrown on them. Reality comes crashing down around them. So it's somehow fun and painful to see how they work through it.

I loved this book. I think that Bronte resisted Logan a little too long but it didn't take me out of the story or anything. Of course, I ALWAYS want the heroine to go back to the hero way sooner than she does so don't listen to me! LOL! Again, I loved this book so much because Bronte reacts to Logan's wealth the way I think a normal woman would. She's seriously intimidated and that makes so much sense to me. It almost makes other books with billionaires that I've read seem LESS realistic! I urge you to give this book a try. I really think you'll enjoy it!!