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Hunter - Jacquelyn Frank

Another great book from Jacquelyn Frank! I normally don't read books about witches but I've read her Nightwalker series and I loved it! So I figured if anyone could get me to read about witches, it would be her!

I immediately loved the heroine, Tatyana. First, her name is just way too cool. I think that's a sexy and mysterious name! But we meet her as her car breaks down on the side of the road in the middle of the Catskills in New York and there is no cell signal and its ridiculously cold and... well you get the point. She's having a really crappy night!! She's dressed for her company New Year's Eve party so she's got this beautiful, red silk dress and killer heels on which is NOT the attire to go trekking through the snow. Luckily, she had some sneakers in the backseat so she puts them on and heads out to try and find a house or a phone or SOME kind of sign of civilization!! This whole scene of her being stranded and walking in the pitch darkness in the snow was so funny to me. I mean, she wasn't scared or anything. She was just pissed as hell and I could totally see her grumbling and mumbling to herself as she's slogging through the snow in this gorgeous, fancy dress and sneakers... Anyways, her introduction was awesome and she just keeps getting better. She's a strong woman and is incredibly resourceful. Best of all, she has a true and deep love for her HUGE family. She's the youngest of 13 kids!!!!! Yikes! I know I can always count on Jacquelyn Frank to give me awesome female characters and Tatyana doesn't disappoint.

But Tatyana has an equally awesome counterpart in Hunter. Hunter is an extremely powerful witch, a white witch, which is a good witch and that's a good witch to be! LOL! I crack myself up! Anyway, Hunter is also his coven's Sentinel. To me, it sounded like the Sentinel was not just the coven's protector but also their enforcer. Like, when a coven of dark witches kills or hurts one of Hunter's coven, he is the one who is sent out to hunt down and punish whoever is responsible. So Hunter is a serious badass, on all levels. And of course, we love that, right? But the other side of that badassery is a deep level of love and caring for the members of his coven. Every single one of them is like a brother or sister to him. I think it makes Hunter even sexier, that he loves and cares about these people so much. He's also so damn honorable that it makes for some funny situations. Like when he and Tatyana are about to get into some Sexy Time, its his honor that makes him slow things down and you know that Tatyana is pissed as hell!

I just loved seeing Tatyana and Hunter together. Witches believe in nature and in fate so what Tatyana and Hunter are feeling for each other, they don't really fight it because its fate that they meet and their attraction is natural. That doesn't mean that Hunter's honor doesn't get in the way quite a bit in the beginning! But they mesh so well and so quickly and it doesn't SEEM fast. There's a few witchy rituals that have to be done and that bind them together so you get past the getting-to-know-you stuff right away and can get right into the action, which I absolutely love!

Hunter is a stand-alone novel but I would swear that it's book 1 of a series. Well, at least, I WISH it was book 1 of a series! I want to hear all about all of the other characters and I want to see them fall in love and fight battles and all that good stuff! Either way, I loved this book. I'm trying to come up with something that I didn't like about it. Characters, pacing, situations, everything. I can't come up with one thing that I didn't like about it, other than wanting more of this world. Speaking of the world of Hunter, one of the neat things about this book is that it's taking place in our time, in our world but some of the things they say sound like it's set in medieval times. It keeps you a little off balance and I mean that in a good way! 

I would definitely recommend this book to pretty much anyone. If you don't like witches, don't worry about it. There are spells and magic but not really any chanting in the woods or anything like that. The characters are the absolute best part of this book and I think you'll fall in love with every single one of them. If you've never read Jacquelyn Frank before, do yourself a big favor and check this one out!

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.