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Review and author interview posted on Kindles & Wine

So, sure, there were a few slang words and phrases that I didn’t recognize in this book, but it really didn’t matter. You can pretty much figure out what the author is trying to say from context. So let’s forget about the nonexistent language barrier and talk about something we can ALL agree on: hot dudes and Sexy Time!

I don’t think I could tell you one thing that I didn’t like about Jo, the heroine of Down London Road. I mean, she has just about all of the qualities I love in a heroine. She’s a strong, independent woman. She’s had a difficult past and is currently having some struggles, but she’s keeping herself and her family together through all of it. One of my favorite things about Jo is her internal monologues. In her head, she’s thinking what we all would think, but her thoughts are filled with hilarious combinations of cuss words. Since I would like to keep this post from being X-rated for language, I won’t repeat some of the best ones she used that made me laugh out loud, but trust me, they were great. And unfortunately, they sounded a lot like my OWN inner monologues!

Anyway, Jo proves what an amazing woman she is every time you see her interacting with her little brother, Cole. Their dad was awful and went to prison, and their mom spiraled down into a major drunken stupor and has been there ever since. Jo is pretty much left to raise her little brother, and she’s doing the best she can. She’s vowed that he will never go a day without knowing he’s loved. I just thought that was so awesome, especially since it shows how Jo is purposely trying to “break the cycle” of abuse.

Now our hero, Cam, is a whole different story. Grrrrrr, he was such a bastard! Well, at least for a little while he was. Cam gets a job at the bar where Jo works and he makes some seriously incorrect assumptions about Jo. I wanted Jo to strangle him, or at least kick him in the “junk,” LOL! But because he’s our hero, you KNOW he has to redeem himself and he really, really does. Which brings me to what I liked so much about Cam: when he’s wrong, he not only admits it, he also apologizes for it. How many men do YOU know do that?

Sparks definitely fly when Jo and Cam are together. Whether it’s sparks of dislike or sparks of another kind, they are definitely great together. There is plenty of Sexy Time and, wow, let me tell you that Cam is insatiable! And even better than the great characters and hot sex scenes is the emotional roller coaster that the author takes you on! I kept waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop.” Whenever someone is so happy, so quickly, it never ends well. And then when you think you can’t handle anything else, not one more thing to drop in Jo’s lap, there’s something ELSE happening! It’s so insane!

The only thing about this book I didn’t love was that I wished the bad guys/jerks in Jo’s life got what was coming to them. I guess I felt protective of Jo because she was such a great character, and I just wanted her happily ever after to include justice for all the wrongs done to her in the past.

Bottom Line 
I really had no idea what to expect when I started this book, but it was awesome! Great characters that you can really root for, great family interactions, lots of drama, tons of laughs, and just the right amount of Sexy Time made for a great, great book. Although Down London Road is Book 2 in a series, you could absolutely read this one as a standalone. I think anyone who likes any kind of romance will enjoy this. I know I sure did!

Rating: A-

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley