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Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Wait! Don't go! True, I only gave this book 2 stars but hear me out before you decide against reading this book. I personally did not love this book BUT I think that a lot of other people would. So here are two things about me that you need to know as you read this review: I am more than a little bit of a feminist AND I don't give two shits about motorcycles. I don't think they're cool and I don't think they're lame. I think they are an economical way to get around town but I hate the noisy ones.... A LOT. Knowing this, please read on and THEN decide if you want to read this book...

I had a VERY hard time connecting to our heroine, Tab. We first meet her when she's still in college and hanging out with not such a great group of friends from high school. She eventually gets scared straight, gets her shit together, buckles down and gets her degree in nursing (I think?). She meets a man, they fall in love and that's where things get really interesting. I ended up liking Tab a little, even though I hated her name. I kept thinking Tab was a man. Tab's dad runs the Chaos Biker gang/group/club/whatever so she's like a biker princess or something. Like, all the biker guys make sure she's safe and not doing stupid shit and generally saving her ass. Of course, I didn't think she needed much saving, which is one of the reasons I liked her. She usually stands her ground and she's really loyal. I thought she was just a really good and nice person, who happened to be raised in a biker gang. But that's about where my connection with her ended. She sort of seems to be defined by whatever guy she's with and when she gets with Shy (hang on, I'll tell you about him in a minute), she's sort of lets him be the boss? I can't really explain it but she loves to think of herself as a "badass biker babe" but she isn't REALLY a badass, biker babe since her man fights all of her battles, her man drives the motorcycle, and tells her what to do and when. What, exactly, is badass about that? She's all about her man and what her man needs to do, even if it goes against her wishes (like beating the shit out of one of her co-workers). It just left me feeling a little "Grrrr" at her.

Shy is the quiet, loner guy who has nothing except for the gang. His family was killed when he was young and he doesn't say much. He's the one that scares Tab straight but he also holds a secret flame for her. He really really digs her and it crushes him when she stops speaking to him. It hurts even worse when she gets engaged. The whole biker gang steps in to help Tab out when her fiancee is killed in a car crash but that doesn't stop Shy from wanting her. But for now, he'll be whatever she needs him to be: shoulder to cry on, friend, confidant, anything. I hated Shy. He's everything I hate about alpha males. What he says goes. Period. Women are "bitches" and when he talk to them, it always starts with "Yo, Babe...". Gag. He loves the motorcycle gang and not much else. Several times we see him, he's in bed, completely naked with 2 women who are also naked. I mean, really? He turned me off from the beginning and he never really recovered from there. He's certainly dedicated to Tab and that's awesome. But when a co-worker is giving her grief and she asks Shy to NOT intervene and then he goes and has this guy beat to within an inch of his life (ok, that's overstating it, I guess), I was thinking that he needed some kind of help with impulse control or something. I think Shy would best be classified as the Strong Silent type and normally, I'm ok with that. But when the strong silent type calls women bitches, I need to step away.

BUT, the first time Shy and Tab kiss, I about died!! It was so friggin HOT and I have no idea why!! I don't know if it was just built up and built up so that when it finally happened, it was amazing or what but wow. Just wow. Shy and Tab are SO hot together, I think my Kindle melted a little! LOL!

Overall, the book is just ok for me. There's A LOT of slang used and it sort of got on my nerves. There was WAY too much of things like goin', doin', sayin', etc. It drove me nuts seeing all of those apostrophes at the end of every other word. Holy crap. I would hate to see that author's spell check program. So the slang bothered me because there was so damn much of it. I hated how chauvanistic everyone was. I hated reading women being called bitches for no reason. There's a lot that I hated about this book, as you can see. That's just me though. The book really was hot. I don't think it was written for someone like me. I think this was written for someone who really loves super alpha males and/or someone who loves motorcycles and motorcycle culture. If that sounds like you, you may love this book. But for me.... not so much.