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Reviewed for Sara at www.HarlequinJunkie.com! :D

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NETGALLEY!

I'm sorry everyone, but here's another bummer review. But allow me to explain this one, ok? I would have HAPPILY given this book 5 full stars but I straight up HATED the heroine. It all started out great. Everyone was wonderful and the sex was plentiful and friggin' HOT but the more and more I read, the more I started to dislike her. By the end of the book, it happened: I HATED HER!!! I hope you read this review and then read the book so you can help me feel better about it all. This one actually hurts.

Before I jump right in with the reason for my heartache, let me be clear: This is no erotic romance for novices. This is a serious erotic romance with major BDSM themes. If you've not read ANY BDSM before, this may not be a good one to start with because you WILL be turned off. But if you're reading this review, I really hope you've read some of my other erotica reviews and that you've read some of those books. If so, jump on in!!

Ok, let me start with a super brief overview. Danny, Paul and Eve have been friends since they were kids (although we don't hear a lot about Danny until we come to the present day). Eve and Paul have been sweethearts since high school and before. But Eve needed to leave Tampa to go to Art School in New York. In leaving Tampa, she was also leaving Paul. Paul was left to deal with an abusive father and an ineffectual mother. Danny? Who knows. But Eve is back after she's broken off her engagement and she sees Danny in a supermarket....

Now let me tell you about my favorite part of the book: THE BOYS! Danny and Paul are great. They are just about complete opposites especially since Danny is Master and Paul is the submissive. I think Danny is my favorite though. He's mean (when he has to be) but he's so vulnerable. He seems like he would be your average, normal, ridiculously handsome man if it wasn't for his past. His mom and his A-hole dad were killed in a car crash when his dad was driving drunk. Somehow, Danny is now super wealthy due to that accident. I guess his dad was a real estate whiz or something. But whatever. Danny is amazing and damaged and I loved him. Paul isn't so bad. His dad is just as much of a bastard, just in an abusive way. Paul is a hardcore masochist. He loves pain. Intense pain. Extreme pain. No pain is too much. But because Paul loves pain so much and also because he's such a good submissive, Danny has had to be a Domme because Paul could be seriously injured if he's Dominated by the wrong Domme. So these two love each other in some kind of way. You can just tell. And its beautiful.

Now for the worst part: Eve. Hated her. A lot. She seemed ok at first. She was wounded by a painful breakup and has come home to regroup and figure out what's next. She's so happy when she and Paul and Danny reunite as friends. And I was really happy for her. But then it started to change. She falls for Danny... until Paul comes back into the picture. Then she loves Paul AND Danny but Danny is sort of out in the cold (due to her history of being lovers with Paul). Then she won't accept a car from them but she's ok with them paying for every time her piece of crap car is in the shop!! I mean it goes on and on! Danny is a neat freak and she's combing her hair at the kitchen effing table!! GROSS! I'm not a neat freak and I know better than that! She's in her room painting with her ear buds in, blasting the music in her ears. Paul comes in and sees that her room is a pigsty and she's dripping paint all over the new hardwood floors. He tries to talk to her and she's shouting at him over the music in her earbuds. Is she a moron? Take the earbuds out you dimwitted mental defective! I mean, I could literally list about 5 or 6 more times where she was so stupid and self centered that I almost quit the book.

But let me shake off my Eve-pissiness. I really dug this book. It for sure gets a place in my risque list. With the serious BDSM and with the male on male action, this is outside my usual type of book. But the sex scenes were really well written and I found myself NOT turned off by the male on male sex. There was also plenty of M/F sex and even a few M/M/F scenes as well. No matter what, all of it was super hot! I had some other issues with the book but all the rest of it was pretty minor compared to my overwhelming hatred of the heroine.

Overall, I had to give this book a much, much lower rating than I usually would have. If you took the heroine out of the argument, the book would have received top marks from me. I really liked everything else about it and I really enjoyed the book. I found myself bawling like a baby towards the end of the book. Everything was so emotional, all the way through. I loved following these people on this really emotional journey. Although I gave it a low grade, I think I might recommend this book. I just want you to go in knowing that the heroine was awful, in my opinion. But again, I want to caution anyone who is new to erotica and anyone who is new to BDSM. Paul plays a very dangerous game and it may turn you off if you aren't familiar with the BDSM scene.