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This book was good enough to have me give it 5 stars. But I had some MAJOR issues with one of the characters and some of the activity at the end of the book. But I'd rather start with what I liked about the book...

I loved the hero, Dante "Inferno" Jones. I mean, who wouldn't though? He's a champion MMA fighter and he happens to be a really great guy. Of course, he's built like a brick shit house which is pretty hot all on its own. Now, I don't watch MMA. I don't even watch boxing. I don't love watching grown men beat the shit out of each other, its just not my thing. So I'm not so in love with what he does for a living but if it gives him a body like THAT, I may have to change my thinking on the sport! LOL! 

Before I talk more about Dante, I need to start with Caitlyn, our heroine. Overall, I loved Caitlyn. She's worked her ass off (literally) to lose 80 pounds. And she struggles everyday with body issues, image issues and with dealing with assumptions of strangers all around her. It sounded to me like Caitlyn might have still been a teensy bit overweight but if she was, it wasn't by much. I'm not sure because I couldn't tell if it was Caitlyn's own insecurity and body issues that made her think she still had weight to lose or if she really did. But 80 pounds? Holy crap! What an achievement! But Caitlyn still sees those 80 pounds on her frame. She still wears big clothes and she still hates going out. Somehow, her best friend convinces her to go to this MMA fight and to the after-party after the fight. At the after party is where Caitlyn finally meets Dante. It was so great because it was one of those first meetings where sparks almost literally fly. I LOVED IT! But Caitlyn's insecurity rears its ugly head and she can't believe that this gorgeous, amazingly built man could have any kind of interest in her. And wow, do I get that. As an overweight woman who has lost a good bit of weight, I also can't believe when someone compliments me. And if I'm hit on by a man, I always think disgustedly that he must be kidding or some kind of "chubby chaser" (god I hate that term). So truly, I get her reaction. Its the sum of all these parts that made me love Caitlyn.

But what I had a problem with is how loooooong she still didn't believe Dante. I mean, this guy is pulling out all the stops and takes every opportunity to SHOW her, not tell her, how much he values her and how beautiful he thinks she is. And still she can't believe it. I would have been ok if she maybe started to believe him around 75% of the way through the book, but no. It's almost like she's not growing, you know? And Caitlyn's obsession with how violent MMA is. I mean, that's her major issue with dating Dante - knowing that he's an MMA fighter and not liking the violence that accompanies that. I don't love MMA but to have that be a reason to NOT date a guy who is obviously enamored with me is just silly. Her issue with MMA was just way overstated. 


Then, towards the end, one of Dante's rivals sort of kind of kidnaps Caitlyn for a little while. But there is no "sort of kind of" with kidnapping. If you grab a woman off the street and toss her in the back of you vehicle, even if that vehicle is a limo, its STILL kidnapping!! Then, they hold her in this posh mansion for a while. I'm pretty sure that is called False Imprisonment or something, right?? And that's all fine and dandy but NO ONE gets in trouble for it! Are you telling me that Caitlyn never called the cops??!? How STUPID!!!!!


Overall, I would recommend this book. A sexy, hot, badass, sweet guy for a hero and a perfectly flawed heroine make for some great reading! There is no one that I would NOT recommend this to but I would especially recommend this to anyone on a weight loss journey. This will provide you with a bit more motivation because, hey, this could happen to you too!!! :D