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Reviewed for Sara at www.HarlequinJunkie.com! :D

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.

Although the title doesn't suggest it, this book is part of a series. And although it's classified as a romance, there is extremely little inside. Having said all that, I still really enjoyed this book!

Our heroine, Allegra Fairweather, is a paranormal investigator with a guardian angel. I really enjoyed reading about Allegra. The novel is from Allegra's point of view, which I really liked since this was also a mystery and it was nice to not know what was really going on and finding things out as Allegra found them out. She's constantly getting herself in one kind of trouble or another and you might think that it would get irritating but it really isn't. She's got such a great sense of humor about all of it and she isn't just blindly rushing into danger for shits and grins. She genuinely cares about the people she's trying to help, so when she picks a fight with the town bully who is a man that is about a foot taller than her and outweighs her probably by 100 pounds, it doesn't seem foolhardy. It seems like its a great idea! So she's brave and hilarious and she comes to Ireland to investigate Pooka attacks. A Pooka is a mythical animal that forces you on a midnight ride and it may end up hurting or killing you. You can imagine how much trouble she gets into with a horse that can speak and understand English! But Allegra doesn't care about the trouble she gets into because she's determined to help the people of the small town of Dingaleen.

Allegra isn't alone on her case. She has her trusty guardian angel, Casper, to help her when she finds herself in a pickle. But Casper has been acting strange lately and hasn't been showing up as quickly as he used to. He also isn't able to help Allegra as much because whenever he's injured, he takes much, much longer to heal. At the start of the book, he's still recovering from adventures they had in a previous book, so his weakness is really evident right off the bat. But it's very clear that he and Allegra have something between them. It's something that neither of them has acted on but since the Powers That Be have forbidden it and are hinting at Casper's retirement, I was wondering what Allegra was going to do about it. I have not read previous Allegra books so I'm not able to compare but I didn't think there was very much of Casper in this book. I would have liked to get a better idea of who he was but I still found that I really liked him. 

I think that classifying this book as a romance does an injustice to it. I was expecting a lot more Sexy Time and it just wasn't there. I don't care for fantasy novels, especially the ones with fairies, leprechauns and wizards. Once I started reading this novel, I almost didn't finish it because it had plenty of those elements. Then, with very little romance, I was even less interested. But I can tell you without a doubt that I am SO glad I stuck with it! This was so much fun! I loved watching Allegra get into trouble and then get herself out of it. All of the side characters were lots of fun and added a lot of heart to the book. I'm really interested in going back and reading some of the other books in this series.

I don't want to give away any more details about the story than I already have. I would recommend this book to people who like mystery novels with a plucky female heroine and to people who like fantasy-type novels. If you're looking for a full on romance, this may not be for you. I'm not saying there is zero romance but what's there is very small and its more of a longing romance since Allegra and Casper aren't allowed to be together. No matter what you're looking for, anyone who wants to read a fun book would be thrilled to take a journey with Allegra Fairweather!